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Bus rides have been free since March 19, when the agency’s Board of Trustees voted to suspend fare collection and to require passengers to board the bus at the side door instead of the front. Genfare Link Transit Industry Fare Collection System. COTA's new bus routes lead to fines for some local motorists Using the COTA Mobile App, it’s easier than ever to travel throughout Central Ohio. COTA CMAX BUS Schedules. Facilities Administration Office. In mid-1974 COTA established its Park & Ride program and sets up the first routes at area shopping centers. Customers were charged $3 before the … The fare is $1-$2 each way (free for under 48 inches), and you will receive Columbus Zoo admission for just $3, with a transfer/coupon from the bus driver. COTA acquired the CTC bus service for $4.8 million. Current. $1.50 Base Fare The base fare is $1.50. The Central Ohio Transit Authority will resume collecting fares on its buses on January 11. South Side, get riding with COTA//Plus. $4.00: Seven Day Pass. Address: 1333 Fields Ave., Columbus, OH 43201 McKinley Garage CDTA Fares: A good value: convenient, reliable transit for the Capital Region. On May 1, 2017, the agency overhauled its bus network, the first redesign since COTA's establishment in 1971. Today's the day! Fall Zoo Bus service runs September 18, 2020 – November 1, 2020. makes fares more affordable and consistent with Opal fares. COTA Sets Date for Return to Fare Collection The Central Ohio Transit Authority will resume collecting fares on its buses on January 11. For more information, please call 614-228-1776. Prior to COTA, Columbus Transit Company (CTC) ran the transit system in Columbus from 1949-1974. All fares are FREE 2/7. COTA's board approved a $171.9 million budget for 2021, a small increase from 2020, expecting fewer riders than normal because of COVID-19 pandemic. History. Seniors (Age 65 and older), Disabled, Veterans with valid ID, Medicare Card Holders, Youth (Age 5-18) Note: Driver may ask for proof of eligibility. Garth Brooks. COTA suspends bus fares News. Normally, COTA Plus is free if customers use it to connect to a COTA bus, where they would pay the regular bus fare. Thanks to the program, Downtown workers will be able to ride the COTA bus from June 2018 through the end of 2020, at no cost to themselves. Maps/Schedules. Previously, the agency offered a similar service with a $5 fare from 2001 to 2003, cut due to low ridership. This 11-square-mile transit zone covers over a dozen neighborhoods and includes locations like Scioto Audubon Metro Park, South High School and Nationwide Children's Hospital. Bus and rail riders there had been boarding through the rear doors, as COTA riders have been doing. Bus and rail riders there had been boarding through the rear doors, as COTA riders have been doing. The passes are being funded by COTA, Fundraising, and a $.03/sq foot payment from over 500 property owners in the district. COTA: Free Fares to End This Summer, Shift to Cashless Payment Planned June 29, 2020 4:10 pm Brent Warren Photo by Walker Evans. Buy and display passes securely or load your account with funds to Pay as You Go all from your mobile device Photograph: Alamy SID convinced its members – 500-odd business and property owners – … 1808Delaware , 11d. $15.00: Half Fare Day Pass. Each time you board the bus, the cost is $1.50. COTA supported IPART’s fare reductions and expressed its view that low cost fares contribute to variety of social and economic benefits. COTA’s plans for the resumption of fare collection have evolved since it first addressed the issue last summer. Half Fare 31 Day Bus Pass. $29.00: One Day Pass. Toggle navigation. At that time, cash fares were 50 cents. Log In; Sign Up; Log In; Sign Up ; Help; YOUR PASSPORT TO THE CENTRAL OHIO REGION. MAKING TRANSIT SMARTER, FASTER AND BETTER THAN EVER! Fares. See More Businesses in downtown Columbus will be charged a fee towards their workers’ Cota bus passes. Protection and Access. Next. COTA's Connector offers a secure method of payment as you ride. — COTA Bus (@COTABus) February 7, 2018 “Riding COTA during periods of severe weather provides commuters with a safer alternative to driving,” said Emille Williams, Interim COTA President/CEO. $1.00 per one-way fare for: *Children up to 48" and 12 years or younger *Seniors with COTA Senior ID Children under 48" free with an adult (limit 3) Day passes can be purchased on the bus and all passes can be purchased at 33 N. High St, and at participating Kroger Stores. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 3, COTA. ATTENTION RIDERS-Franklin County is under a level 2 snow emergency. COTA information is conveniently available to you. COTA 3 NORTHWEST/HARRISBURG Schedules. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), exact fares, route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for CMAX, COTA. The Central Ohio Transit Authority will resume charging fares on Jan. 11 for fixed-route bus lines and COTA Plus, and on Feb. 1 for Mainstream and Mainstream-on-Demand services. Trending People. Vehicles operate seven days a week between 5:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. … It argued that keeping fares low is essential for enabling travel for older people. Zoo Bus Discount for Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Zoombezi Bay. In 1975, COTA launched the Key Card program, which provided a discount fare for those passengers with disabilities. Zone charges and express surcharges have been eliminated and free transfers are no longer available. Address: 33 North High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215 Phone: Customer Service 614-228-1776; Office 614-275-5800; Fields Garage. Posted: Mar 19, 2020 / 05:42 PM EDT / Updated: Mar 19, 2020 / 08:59 PM EDT. Routes. Bus rides have been free since March 19, ... Fares will resume January 11 on all fixed-route transit lines and COTA//Plus services, and Feb. 1 for COTA Mainstream and Mainstream-on-Demand.

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