We strive to define Internet leadership in the Latin American Marketplace!

Digital Marketplace

Successful implementation of emerging technologies combined with a diverse and international staff with a passion for our businesses gives Swiss Panama Group Corp. the competitive advantage in the digital marketplace, and virtual world.

Valuable Resourses

Recruiting and retaining the best of the best from diverse backgrounds allows us unprecedented insight into marketing and business operations in our sector.

Culturally Linked

Understanding the cultures and their differences within our theaters of operation and being able to create the culturally identifiable link between our services and the public is fundamental.

Constant Analysis

Constant investigation, application, and re-evaluation of our products results in continuous improvement of our staff, our best practices, and overall understanding of our marketplace.


Our Services & More

To offer accessibility to economic and reusable products for the general public. Belief in creating a respectful work environment with dedication to corporate values and the company.


Old Fashioned Hard Work

To put it simply; our insight is that we seek understanding of our marketplace and customers through old fashioned hard work, backed up by an incredibly talented staff, and the correct tools for the jobs at hand.


Our Comitment

Dedicate ourselves to client requirements and the needs of the public. A commitment to Net Neutrality and to the neutrality of our online services.


Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Actively work to reduce the usage of physical resources implementing a culture dedicated to reusing viable resources; “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and emerging as a more eco-friendly corporation.